Health ,Safety and Environmental Policy

The Company Safety management System has the below rules:

  • This company is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees, so far as is reasonably practicable. We also fully accept our responsibility for other people who may be affected by our activities. We will take steps to ensure that our statutory duties are honored at all times.

  • Organising and  maintaining control within the company.

  • Effective co-operation  between  each other & good communication throughout the company .

  • Management  to ensure that all processes and systems of work are designed to take account of health and safety..

Proper Planning

  • A planned system  with systematic approach in implementing the policies.

Performance Check and Auditing System

  • Performance  is monitored  with standard system.

  • Based on the performance the auditing is done in order to take  necessary healthy steps to perform and achieve goals.

Employee Responsibility

  • All employees should  take proper care of their own health and safety.

  • All employees should consider the safety of other persons who may be affected by their acts.

  • All employees should make themselves aware of, and comply with, the company and clients HSE policies at their work place .

  • All employees shall refrain from intentionally misusing or interfering with anything that has been provided for health and safety reasons.

  • All employees should report all hazardous defects in plant and equipment in existing safety arrangements, to the responsible person at their work place.

  • All employees should report any accident or injury to the responsible person indicated by the Client/Company.

Company Responsibility

  • Management is responsible for ensuring that the health, safety & environment policies are implemented within their own departments, under their presents and guidance.

  • Management  to ensure that all personnel supplied to the client are competent to perform the duties for which they are contracted.

  • Management  to take immediate & appropriate steps to investigate  and rectify any risks to HSE, arising from the work activities.

Client Responsibility.

  • The client must  treat the worker as one of its own employees, making the worker aware of its HSE policy and procedures.

  • Client representatitive to ensure that all equipment, plant and substances are suitable for the task and kept in good working condition with regular inspection, maintenance and servicing.

  • Client representatitive to inform the worker of his supervisor and authorized health and safety representative.

  • Client representatitive to ensure that any required personal protective equipment (PPE) for the awarded job is available and worn by the worker.


  • Any training if required to meet the Company Standards will be arranged and completed satisfactorily before placement.